Assalamualaykum there, welcome to themuslimmommyblog. I am Rahmat Salaahuddin (Umm Faheemah), a mother to an amazing daughter, a writer, tutor and a digital marketer. hopefully, I'd be authoring my first islamic book for kids 'Zahra B. Muhammad series' later this year, inshaa Allah. I hold a bachelor's degreee in biochemistrty and currently training to become … Continue reading About/Contact

To Ukhtiy; Don’t be Sad

what part of it gets to you the most? is it the fact that you're hurting or that you badly want to talk to someone? or that you cannot absolutely talk to anyone because you don't want to dry your undies in the open? Is it the fact that the source of your pain is … Continue reading To Ukhtiy; Don’t be Sad

Breaking Illusive barriers

  Assalamualaykum there, welcome to themuslimmommyblog. You'll find this is one of the wisest choices you've ever made. There are so many controversies and stereotypes surrounding the Muslimah which are not alien to you I'm sure. Like the questions onĀ  dress (of course, it's like the most frequent debate), 'freedom,' education, career etc.. generally the … Continue reading Breaking Illusive barriers